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LABLynx LIMS provides Scalability



LABLynx is scalable to meet the needs of a single user to a global enterprise. The number of simultaneous users and locations is regulated only by the hardware you have available.

  • LAN, WAN or Internet-connected workgroups use a SQL server database
  • You can connect multiple site laboratories to operate as one entity or share data and information easily
  • Secure LIMS access via the Internet
  • Can be expanded to add concurrent users as your business grows



To expand LABLynx:
  • Export data to MS Excel
  • Use FrontPage to create even greater functionality
  • Integrate with existing software


LABLynx is built using industry standard tools and readily available components. It is an integration of multiple applications and components into a single cohesive framework . This offers you the flexibility to easily update or change your system as you see fit.

  • Open system built on Microsoft technology
  • Configurable industry standard tools, not custom language or programming
  • Mainstream technologies for a longer life-cycle and usability
  • Ease of database management and modification
  • Ability to integrate LIMS with 3rd party application or custom programs
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