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Thermo Electron and Orbis Partnership Results in LIMS/CDS Integration Solution

March 03 2004 --

Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE: TMO) announces the availability of a new LIMS/CDS integration solution resulting from its partnership with leading systems integrator Orbis Information Systems. Thermo now offers SampleManager-Millennium, a new interface for its flagship SampleManager Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and the Millennium or Empower Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) from Waters Corporation. The solution facilitates seamless electronic data flow and full integration between the two products, supporting compliance in regulated environments.

Orbis is a Strategic Implementation Partner of Thermo and a charter partner in the Waters software partnership program. These partnerships, combined with direct product design input from pharmaceutical industry customers, have allowed a collaborative approach to the development of SampleManager-Millennium. As a result Thermo is able to provide powerful bi-directional integration with SampleManager for organizations that have standardized on Millennium CDS.

Benefits of SampleManager-Millennium include:

  • Facilitates automatic download of instrument run data (sample sets) from the LIMS to CDS prior to an instrument run, assuring data integrity and eliminating the need for error-prone manual transcription of data
  • Uploads the analytical results for each sample to LIMS after the instrument run
  • Configurable level of automation or manual intervention allowing site policies and Standard Operating Procedures to be implemented without the need to write custom code
  • Streamlined training resulting from increased process automation

“The partnership between Thermo and Orbis has produced an exciting advancement with SampleManager-Millennium,” comments Edward Ryan, Director of Orbis. “This is an off-the-shelf integration product that can be installed, configured, and validated rapidly without excessive specialist services time or internal validation and project management resources.” SampleManager-Millennium widens the potential customer base and adds significant value to SampleManager. The Thermo/Orbis partnership has resulted in other successful niche integration products, including SampleManager-IP21, the standard interface between SampleManager and the InfoPlus.21 PIMS (Process Information Management System) from AspenTech Technologies, Inc.

Developed specifically for enterprise deployments, SampleManager can be implemented to support global or local lab deployments, is scalable for a large user base, and is available in multiple languages. SampleManager is also flexible and configurable to accommodate various workflows, lab types and user communities that exist across the enterprise. SampleManager integrates easily with other applications and instruments in and out of the lab, providing a foundation for a complete laboratory automation solution for the global enterprise. SampleManager is acknowledged as the world’s most widely used LIMS – an installed base of over 1,100 systems supports approximately 45,000 daily users in 43 countries around the world.

Thermo Electron was recently named Life Sciences Instrument Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan. Thermo was selected because of their ability to provide total solutions to customers, from outfitting an entire lab with equipment to prepare and analyze samples, to software that manages all the data.

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