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All new LIMS Book & Buyer's Guide released on-line for 2013/14

The new on-line edition of the LIMS Book & Buyer's Guide ( has just been released today with over double the number of listed vendor products from the 2012 edition. 

The guide provides a catalog of the industry's top tier vendors with product pricing information and technical details to allow you to compare LIMS/LIS and ELN products. The guide also contains a LIMSpec on each listed product with even more technical details as well as product demonstration videos. 

Product ranking is determined by the number of demonstrations provided for each product and will eventually be updated to reflect the amount of information within the LIMSpec for each product. 

This new on-line edition is being updated daily by Shawn Douglas as he works to research each LIMS product and aggregate the information into this single resource. If you are in the market for a LIMS you will want to access this great new resource and save dozens of hours in researching the various LIMS products. 

Visit to request the Buyer's Guide. Be sure to visit it often as we continue to add new products and vendors. We will be adding Cloud based and Open Source products as well. 

This resource is an objective catalog of LIMS products. The information is aggregated from publicly available resources and it is totally free to everyone. Vendors can apply to edit their content and supply even more content as they choose and vendor listings are totally free and open to vendors who provide their pricing information publicly.

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