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CSols Inc. Webinar: Game Over or Project Reset - Rescuing your Failed Implementation

Complimentary Webinar

Game Over or Project Reset:

Rescuing Your Failed Implementation


Join us Wednesday, April 18th at 2:00pm EDT


Even the best planned LIMS implementation projects can go awry. Knowing when and how to reset the project is critical to the ultimate success of your LIMS implementation. Our consultants will help you to identify the early warning signs of failures for projects in motion and discuss methodologies for root cause analysis. Understanding that some causes cannot be changed is as important as recognizing the causes that can be changed. Our consultants will highlight the most common causes of project failure and will offer strategies for your project reset.



Register Here: CSols Webinar Registration



Key Take Aways:

·         Learn pre-emptive measures to avoid failure

·         Identify early red flags in your implementation

·         Methods for “root cause” analysis

·         How to breathe life back into your project


Who should attend:

·         Laboratory Directors, Managers and Analysts

·         Quality Control and Quality Assurance

·         Plant Management & Manufacturers




You will have the opportunity to speak directly with a senior informatics consultant and receive real-time answers. Take home actionable ideas to formulate the value proposition for your organization and reap the benefits!


This is a complimentary hour long presentation including a Q & A section.


Register Here: CSols Webinar Registration



This is the next installment in our ongoing series of complimentary webinars focused on issues of interest to the informatics community. To view past webinars or see future topics, please visit our website at the link below.


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