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Atrium Research Announces Fifth Edition of Landmark Report on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

Wilton, Connecticut USA (Sep 12, 2011) - Atrium Research, the leading scientific informatics market research organization, announced today the release of the fifth edition of company’s landmark report, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks: A Foundation for Scientific Knowledge Management. First published in 2004, this new edition of the comprehensive ELN market analysis examines technology, requirements, best practices, legal issues, benefits, industry trends, and products. Called the “definitive document on ELN” by Indiana University’s School of Informatics, the 716 page study includes over 200 pages dedicated to reviewing the latest ELN software products from major suppliers; over 600 tables and figures illustrate key points.

"The strong demand for ELN continues unabated with a record number of new vendor installations in the last twelve months," says Michael H Elliott, CEO of Atrium Research. "With over US$230MM in product and services sales forecasted for 2012, ELN is now a major informatics category.”

The total available market for ELN software is over US$ 2.0 billion with less than 10% penetrated by commercial offerings. The dynamic nature of biopharmaceutical R&D is helping drive new sales for increases in efficiency, knowledge re-purposing, and to build collaborative ecosystems between partners. As biopharmaceuticals continue to lead adoption, new markets, such as food and beverage and chemicals are quickly accelerating ELN utilization. This is in stark contrast to the academic and government markets where sales continue to be anemic.

About Atrium Research & Consulting
Atrium Research is an informatics market research and management consulting practice providing the balanced facts and analysis partners require. Atrium Research delivers packaged and customized market research reports, growth consulting, strategy development, and education services. Further information can be obtained at or by e-mail at info@atriumresearch

Report Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 A Foundation for Scientific Knowledge Management


The Use of ELN in a Knowledge Management Strategy

Chapter 2 Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

ELN Evolution

ELN Architecture

ELN as a Component of Informatics Architecture

History of ELN

Chapter 3 Application of ELN to Example Use Cases

Synthetic Chemistry Single Product Reaction

Pharmacology Locomotor Study

Bioanalytical Procedure Execution ELN

Chapter 4 The Benefits of an ELN


User Experiences

General ELN Benefits

Chapter 5 Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Electronic Discovery

Record Admissibility

Records Management

Regulatory Considerations

Chapter 6 Technology

ELN in the Cloud

ELN Architectures

Data Organization

Interoperability and Integration

Future Trends in ELN Technology

Chapter 7 Security, Integrity, Signatures, and Time Stamps

System Security

Record Authentication and Digital Signatures

Time Authentication

Chapter 8 Change Management


Frameworks for Change

Chapter 9 Defining a Project Strategy and Requirements

Vision and Strategy Development Process through Product Selection

Calculating a Return on Investment

Chapter 10 Requirements

General Capabilities

Domain Specific Requirements

Chapter 11 Implementation

A Methodology for Implementation

Chapter 12 Market Drivers and Restraints

Chapter 13 Size of the ELN Market

R&D ELN Market Size

QA/QC Market Size

Chapter 14 Current Market for ELN



Chapter 15 ELN Product Reviews

Comparing Products

Accelrys – Symyx Notebook, iLabber

Agilent Technologies – OpenLAB ELN

Arxspan – ArxLab

Asseco – shareSignELN

Axiope eCAT

Cognium Systems iPad

Edge Software Consultancy BioRails

iAdvantage eStudy

IDBS EWorkbook, BioBook, ChemBook

KineMatik eNovator

Laboratory Data Solutions Labnotes


LabWare – LabWare ELN

NoteBookMaker NoteBookMaker ELN

Microsoft Microsoft SharePoint

PerkinElmer Informatics ENotebook, Nexxis

Rescentris CERF

STARLIMS STARLIMS Electronic Notebook

VelQuest SmartLab

Waters Vision Publisher

Chapter 16 The Future of ELN


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