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Blaze Systems Announces LIMS Success at Scantibodies Laboratories, Inc.

Newark, DE.  May 17, 2011.  Blaze Systems Corporation today announced that Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc., one of the world's largest manufacturers of medical diagnostic products including polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, false positive blockers, diagnostic kits and specialized plasma and serum products, has selected and implemented BlazeLIMS and BlazeLink as its laboratory automation solution in support of its primary manufacturing and R & D laboratory.

BlazeLIMS provided important process improvements in several areas.  The replacement of a manual sample form submission process with direct LIMS entry of testing requests by the users, with accompanying barcode label printing for positive sample identification delivered a step change in the accuracy and specificity of requests, reducing time lags and laboratory efforts required for call back and verification, problems that are inherent in any paper based manual system.  Real time sample tracking for testing and management of analytical tasks has also contributred to a more effective laboratory. Another process improvement was provided by automated production and delivery of results reports and notifications using the flexibility and configurability of Crystal Reports as integrated with BlazeLIMS.

BlazeLink delivered a major gain in Laboratory performance by providing bi-directional interfacing between BlazeLIMS and a variety of clinical laboratory instruments, automatically delivering test requirements to the instruments based on the barcode identifiers on aliquot vials, and automatically collecting and processing results into the BlazeLIMS database as they become available.  The reduction in tedious manual data transcriptions in both directions has streamlined this process for labor reductions and improved throughput and utilization of costly instruments.

Vanik Sarkissian, Laboratory Manager at Scantibodies says “I can tell you with confidence that we are very pleased with the outcome.  BlazeLIMS has streamlined many of our processes (sample ordering, sample tracking, testing and timely reporting, etc.), provided necessary timely communications with internal departments and has given us significant paper reduction.  These are just a few benefits that we are enjoying from BlazeLIMS.”

Larry DeHeer, President of Blaze Systems says “We take every LIMS installation personally, and we are very pleased with the ways in which Scantibodies has employed our products and services to improve their business performance.  At Scantibodies, it is all about the patient; we are highly privileged to play a successful role in supporting that vision.”

About Blaze Systems
Blaze Systems Corporation is headquartered in Newark, DE, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the laboratory, including a full featured and broadly used laboratory information management system (BlazeLIMS) for both the small and large enterprise, instrument interfacing (BlazeLink) for a wide variety of instruments, inventory management (BlazeInventory) for the lab or enterprise, shelf life study software (BlazeStability), and services for installation, training, and configuration assistance.  We deliver big featured LIMS products with a small company persona that is highly personal.  Our successful solutions and world-class services are the result of 17+ years of experience in laboratory informatics.

About Scantibodies
Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc. is headquartered in Santee, CA, and is one of the world's largest manufacturers of medical diagnostic products including polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, false positive blockers, diagnostic kits and specialized plasma and serum products.

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