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LIMS Configuration Workshop - SAC, Edinburgh, UK - 18 February , 2010

There is mystery and debate surrounding the word “configuration” in the context of LIMS. Most vendors claim that their systems are configurable but it is the method of configuration that is the key to success, fast implementation, long system lifetime and excellent return on investment.

For many years Autoscribe has led the way in providing configuration tools that require no programming skills and no coding but are still more powerful, whether used by Autoscribe or a customer, than the approaches used by our competition. In addition, the Autoscribe approach builds in supportability and future proofing ensuring that the delivered system can readily keep pace with changing and expanding business needs.

Autoscribe is now embarking on a series of Configuration Workshops initially in several locations in the UK and Ireland with the first being in Edinburgh. The workshops will include a demonstration of how the tools are used to define workflows, screens and menus, for example. Dashboards are a new requirement in modern systems but with Autoscribe you do not need new code just some configuration - and this will be shown.

As part of the workshop at least ten different configurations will be presented to illustrate the scope for meeting individual customer requirements without a line of code being written – unmatched by our competition.

Our 2009 Customer Survey illustrates how existing customers rated the flexibility and configurability of Matrix LIMS.

Finally there will be an opportunity to take part in the Configuration Challenge. Bring your own requirements and we will show you how these requirements can be met using the unique OneTime Configuration Tools from Autoscribe.

Autoscribe Limited is a world leader in the development and supply of innovative configuration tools within the LIMS market and today our Matrix Gemini LIMS software is setting new standards of flexibility and adaptability.

Autoscribe also offers systems for sample tracking, instrument calibration and maintenance, stability testing, customer complaints management, support management, training records management and resource planning. 

                         Autoscribe – Number One for Customer Solutions in LIMS!

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