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Sapio Sciences Exemplar Analytics Published in Leading Journals

Baltimore, MD – December 28, 2009 – Sapio Sciences is pleased to announce that its leading Exemplar Analytics product has been utilized in making key discoveries that were recently published in leading journals. A list of recent publications includes the following:


The EPHA2 gene is associated with cataracts linked to chromosome 1p


Genetic Association and Expression Studies Indicate a Role of Toll-Like Receptor 8 in Pulmonary Tuberculosis 2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pgen.1000218;jsessionid=A19C28E2BE31FEF8548CB70EBFC9CA44#aff1   

Common Genetic Determinants of Uveitis Shared with Other Autoimmune Disorders


Multilocus analysis of age-related macular degeneration  


A Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Novel and Functionally Related Susceptibility Loci for Kawasaki Disease  


A genome-wide scan identifies mutations in the gene encoding phosphodiesterase 11A4 (PDE11A) in individuals with adrenocortical hyperplasia  


“We are pleased to see our software being used a foundation for the better understanding of diseases in humans“, says Kevin Cramer, VP of Sales at Sapio Sciences, “Exemplar Analytics, in combination with Exemplar LIMS, provides a complete translational medicine solution for researchers trying to understand the genetic nature of diseases. We look forward to more research results from our customers in the future.”


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About Sapio Sciences

Sapio Sciences is a leading provider of LIMS, analytics and Data Management software, enabling scientists to manage samples, protocols as well as track detailed protocols. Exemplar LIMS breaks new ground in its breadth of functionality and ease of configuration. With built-in Sample Management, Step-by-Step protocol tracking and data management, Exemplar LIMS addresses the full life cycle of samples from receipt to processing and analysis. Sapio will continue to break new ground in ease of use and breadth of functionality across its product line, enabling organizations to reduce costs while increasing productivity and efficiency of both laboratories and researchers alike. Sapio has strong working relationships with leading platform vendors such as Affymetrix, Illumina and Applied BioSystems ensuring compatibility with technology from these leading companies.

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