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Need Help Justifying Your LIMS Project? We Can Help!

Need Help Justifying Your LIMS Project? We Can Help!



We all know that a LIMS system:

1.      Makes your job easier

2.      Is more cost effective

3.      Ensures code compliance

4.      Reduces production issues

However, calculating the Return on Investment can be tricky. With these simple steps we’ll help you justify the implementation of a LIMS system.




Measuring the ROI isn’t as hard as it sounds. With only an hour of your time, we will define:

·        What is return on investment (ROI)

·        How to calculate return on investment

·        Why it matters - The benefits of calculating the return on investment




CSols Inc. presents the next installment in our ongoing series of complementary Webinars focused on issues of interest to the informatics community. We would like to invite you or other members of your team to participate in this hour long presentation including a question and answer section.


The Complimentary session will take place on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 2pm EDT. 



To sign up, click the link below to access the Webinar registration. Seats are limited so sign up early!

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