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LIMS for Commercial Contract Testing Laboratories.


Contract laboratories are one of the larger market segments that have chosen to use Matrix LIMS.  The reasons for this are:


  1. Flexibility – any LIMS must be able to capture, store and report a very wide range of materials and tests. These range from observational tests where results are entered either in text or as choices from pre-selected lists, (such tests can also be captured as images or photographs) to rapid bursts of numeric values as with tensile testers, to numeric data requiring several calculations in order to record the final test result. The format of any numeric value must allow the number of decimals to report, rounding rules and even scientific notation. These test formats and any associated limits or specifications must be user maintained without having to contact the software developers or implementers.
  2. Truly configurable – without the requirement to write custom code extensions to the base program or learn some esoteric scripting language. In a testing laboratory, customers change, pricing policies change, materials and tests change and required reporting formats change. A successful LIMS must allow for this.
  3. Connectivity – the LIMS must connect with your other business software. Your finance and invoicing system, your customer management system, your analytical instruments or test equipment and either produce customer quality reports or connect to a system that does.
  4. Web ready – today your customers can be anywhere in the world and in order to provide world-class service to your customers, you must be able to allow them secure access to your LIMS via the Internet.
  5. Easy and inexpensive to maintain – to be competitive, a commercial, for profit organization must keep costs down, while providing optimal service and no downtime.

Matrix Gemini LIMS is able to offer all of these benefits and more, to any contract testing laboratory.


Example types of laboratories that have successfully implemented Matrix are:


q  Pharmaceutical contract laboratories

q  Food testing laboratories

q  Environmental laboratories (air, water, soils and plants)

q  Equipment calibration and service laboratories.

q  Materials testing laboratories ( soils, concrete, clay, etc.)

q  Physical testing laboratories.

q  Veterinary laboratories

q  Asbestos testing laboratories

q  Fuels and lubricant laboratories


For further information or to arrange a site visit or product demonstration please contact us at the below locations:

UK, Ireland & ROW
Autoscribe UK Ltd.
Wellington House
Riseley Business Park
Basingstoke Road

Telephone: +44 (0) 118 984 0610
Fax:           +44 (0) 118 984 0611

USA & Canada
Zumatrix Inc

Unit C1
29 Simpson Lane
MA 02540

Tel:             +1 508 457 7911
Fax:            +1 508 457 7993


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