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Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems Announces the Availability of FFlex eSuite™ ASP

ANAHEIM, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems, Inc. (OTC:FFLH) today announced the availability of FFlex eSuiteASP, our popular FFlex eSuite Laboratory Information System (LIS) solution in an Application Service Provider (ASP) model. This latest addition to Fletcher-Flora’s growing line of Web-based LIS products is ideal for clinical laboratories who want to bring the latest technology into their operation while maximizing a limited budget and eliminating the need for additional IT support staff. The ASP solution allows customers to purchase a new LIS utilizing their operational budget instead of tapping into their capital funds. FFlex eSuite ASP also eliminates the in-house requirements associated with server maintenance when running a self-hosted system.

Designed to meet the unique needs of today’s laboratories, FFlex eSuite ASP employs a building block design to offer a comprehensive LIS solution to any size laboratory, from small clinics and group practices to the largest multi-facility reference laboratories. “Customers can select the applications and tools they need in an LIS, and FFlex eSuite ASP can be custom-configured for their use,” says Neal Flora, President and CEO of Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems, Inc. According to Mr. Flora, “They can receive all the benefits of our technology and service, without the financial commitment associated with a self-hosted system.” With a single computer, meeting the minimum requirements for a user workstation, and a high-speed Internet connection, FFlex eSuite ASP can run securely and in real time to optimize workflow, organize data and streamline communication and reporting.

About Fletcher-Flora

For more than three decades, Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems, Inc. (OTC:FFLH) has developed and marketed a full line of Laboratory Information System (LIS) products dedicated to solving the day-to-day problems of the clinical laboratory in physician offices, group practices, hospitals and reference laboratories. Fletcher-Flora has grown to become a leader in both the non-hospital and hospital markets and has successfully solved the laboratory information system needs of nearly 1,600 customers across the US, Canada and the Caribbean. For more information about Fletcher-Flora’s products, please contact us at (800) 777-1471, email or visit us at

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