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posted by:  John H. Jones - President, Laboratory Informatics Institute

In today's world, folks are having to learn and absorb information at an incredible rate and we all need tools that make dealing with information and knowledge, simply more efficient.  You know the saying...  A picture is worth a thousand words...  Well, a video is worth a thousand pictures.  Laboratory staff must not only do their daily work but keep up with new technology and regulations and still leave time for a personal life.  Videos are the answer to improving learning efficiency and general communications so that you can be even more effective in your daily lab work, learn new technologies and still leave room for a personal life.  To that end...  The Laboratory Informatics Institute is pleased to announce the first release of is a new website for the publication of laboratory, science and technology related videos. 

In the beginning, the web was pretty static and non-interactive. Websites were little more than brochure-ware.  The web evolved into being a single source for practically all information.  This has led to information overload.  There are thousands of blogs and discussion groups, and a lot of opportunity to interact. This evolution is sometimes referred to as Web 2.0.  A totally new dimension of information and learning has popped up on the Internet scene: The Video!  Just look at YouTube!  The web is truly becoming the convergence center for almost all media, including print, radio, software applications and now television.  Blogs and portals have quickly made print magazines redundant and Internet Radio and Podcasts have virtually replaced my old-style radio -- even in my car, where I regularly listen to my favorite Internet Radio stations and Podcasts on the way to work in the morning.  Video is the next frontier for the Internet.  Just like we have thousands of Internet Radio stations, we will now have thousands of Internet TV Stations. is the first of a handful of sites that are dedicated to advancing video for the laboratory industry. will open new viewers not only to LIMS, but to all things related to science, laboratories and technology.  LIMS will be positioned as a critical piece of technology for laboratories, science and discovery.  Video has the potential to make LIMS a very mainstream application to science and all laboratories throughout the world. will help make that possible.

Here is an example of a video at  This video is a general science (entertainment video program) from Wired Science on PBS:

The following is a list of the types of videos that will be posted at

        • Software demonstrations & tutorials
        • Lectures, Courses and Seminars
        • Science TV Programs
        • Technical Presentations
        • Sales Presentations
        • Instructional Videos
        • Lab Instrument Hardware demonstrations
        • and too many other things to list....

In real estate, success comes from the 3 L's; Location, Location, Location.  Success for comes from the 3 C's; Content, Content, Content.  We are building a huge library of publicly available videos that we will be posted to continuously.  We currently have over 1000 videos to screen and over 100 of those just on LIMS.  We will keep you posted on this site and on the new LIMS discussion forum,, as we find videos that will be of interest to Laboratory and LIMS users. is in its infancy.  In fact it is so infant, it was essentially developed and deployed over this past weekend (10/6/2007).  There is not much content there yet, except as a concept proof, but I and others are quickly building up a huge library of videos to include.  Unfortunately, we have to review and screen all of those videos and make sure that they are suitable.   

You can help us!   

There is a link on the site to Suggest a Video.  If you have a video or see a video you would like us to post on, just fill out the form and submit it.  We will review the video and then post it.  We hope that all LIMS software companies will submit their product videos for inclusion on the site. The site is currently pretty basic but fully operational.  Like everything on the Internet, it will simply evolve and get better with time. 

Check out and subscribe to the RSS feed with your news reader to keep up with the latest videos.

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