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Linking the Sample to the Data – QSI and Brady Corporation

A new strategic business partnership between QSI, suppliers of WinLIMS to over 800 user sites world wide and Brady Corporation, world leaders in labelling technology, can now deliver unique solutions for sample labelling and laboratory information management. Durable, legible labelling is essential to ensure the integrity of sample identification with laboratory data.


The uniquely affordable QSI WinLIMS Rental package has all the functionality to meet individual user requirements - robust sample tracking, GLP compliance, accurate reporting – but these functions require unequivocal, reliable sample identification to realise their full potential.


Brady’s labelling products provide secure, permanent labelling solutions for the most demanding environments met in the laboratory – extreme temperatures, solvents, chemicals – that are reliably readable by user and machine alike, and can contain far more information about the sample than any hand-written label. A range of label generation software, printers and readers is available to produce labels for use on most commonly used laboratory consumables – microscope slides, well plates, vials, “straws”, centrifuge tubes, flasks and many others.


In combination, these two technologies offer new and unique possibilities to exploit the full potential of Laboratory Information Management, and the new partnership will ensure seamless integration between the laboratory’s sample ID and labelling system and WinLIMS.


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