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LIMSpec Library ver. 1.0 Released

July 31, 2007, Atlanta Georgia - The Laboratory Informatics Institute, Inc. (LIMStitute) announced the LIMSpec on June 26, 2007.  Since that initial announcement, the LIMStitute has been gathering feedback and incorporating that feedback into the initial release of the LIMSpec Library version 1.0.  The following is a link to the on-line eBook edition of LIMSpec 1.0.  The LIMStitute will be releasing frequent updates to the LIMSpec Library based upon the extensive feedback of the LIMS community and the industry as a whole.
The LIMSpec is designed to be a template to help you gather your laboratory's information management system requirements. You can use it to help you select an open source application, build your own system or create an RFP/RFQ/RFI to entertain bids to supply your lab with a Laboratory Information Management System, or LIMS. It contains all of the requirements and specifications common to the needs of laboratories like yours. It has been collated and distilled from numerous actual industry RFPs, RFIs and RFQs, to most accurately represent the needs that a laboratory in your industry has when choosing a LIMS.
The LIMStitute has released an editable version of the LIMSpec for all LIMStitute members.  Membership in the LIMStitute is free and members will receive an email subscription to all releases of the LIMSpec Library.  To join the LIMStitute and receive your free subscription to the LIMSpec Library, simply complete the following form:
Existing and new LIMStitute members will receive an email that contains their membership ID information along with a link to download the latest editable version of the LIMSpec Library.  The LIMStitute plans to develop and release on-line tutorials that can help users make optimum use of the LIMSpec Library when building a LIMSpec specific to their laboratory.  These tutorials will be included with the on-line, eBook edition of the LIMSpec.  The editable version of the LIMSpec is delivered as an .rtf file.  This file format is compatible with MS-Word and many other word processing software.
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Posted by: LIMStitute on Jul 31,07| Profile| LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems


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