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Develop your LIMS Requirements with the LIMSpec Library

posted by: John H. Jones - president, Laboratory Informatics Institute, Inc.

The Laboratory Informatics Institute (LIMStitute) is proud to announce the release of our LIMSpec Library.  The LIMSpec Library is a collection of eBooks published by the LIMStitute that provides you with a selection of LIMS specification templates.  Join the LIMStitute today for free and we will mail you a free cd subscription of our growing library of LIMSpecs.  The LIMSpec will save you many hours in developing your LIMS requirements. To take a tour of the LIMSpec, Click Here to view a short demonstration.

The LIMSpec library has been developed from hundreds of public LIMS RFP/RFI/RFQ and system specifications.  Our team has condensed these documents into a collection of LIMSpec templates that you can use to develop a LIMS specification tailored to your laboratory information management needs.

The first step to finding a LIMS that works for you is to identify your requirements and the LIMSpec is the tool for that job.  Whether you are a Laboratory, a LIMS Consultant or a LIMS Vendor, you'll find the LIMSpec a valuable tool in the LIMS acquisition process. And remember - it's FREE!

Click Here to order your free LIMSpec


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Posted by: LIMStitute on Jun 26,07| Profile| LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems


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