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Ingenuity Announces Licensing of Both Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis to the Serono Genetics Institute (SGI)

Ingenuity announced today that Serono Genetics Institute has licensed its Pathways Knowledge Base for use in developing state-of-the-art internal drug discovery and development tools. The Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base is the world's largest manually curated biological database created from millions of individually modeled relationships between proteins, genes, complexes, cells, tissues, drugs, and diseases.

Serono also licensed Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, an application that allows scientists to simultaneously analyze multiple genomic and proteomic datasets to rapidly gain biological insights. Ingenuity's newest release, announced March 15, 2005, now includes Sharing and Workgroups. The new functionality facilitates the communication of analysis results between colleagues in research organizations.

About Ingenuity Systems

Ingenuity Systems is helping life science researchers understand biological systems that are foundational to human health and disease. Ingenuity delivers systems biology expertise to biologists and bioinformaticians through pathways analysis software, genome-scale computable network databases, and knowledge management services and infrastructure, resulting in increased productivity and faster drugs to market. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit us at .

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