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WinLIMS Rental Pays for Itself

Figures recently released by Quality Systems International (QSI) have shown that the cost savings achieved by the introduction of WinLIMs to a typical laboratory easily exceed the monthly payments required under the company's new WinLIMS Rental scheme. A time and motion study was undertaken at a client's premises to examine the impact of the new system. Looking at just one WinLIMS function, automated reporting, and comparing it with the previous error-prone and time-consuming spreadsheet system, significant savings were identified. The client's laboratory issues nearly 6000 reports a year - COA, SQC and "out-of-spec" reports to customers, plus management and instrument status reports for internal use. Using the previous spreadsheet reporting system, each report required between 5 and 15 minutes manual intervention by laboratory staff. The fully automatic WinLIMS reporting was shown to save over 70 man-days a year, at today's labour rates more than twice the monthly WinLIMS rental fee of only £265. Other WinLIMS functions, like automatic invoicing, would yield parallel savings, not to mention those accruing indirectly from the elimination of data transcription errors and rework. Visit or call +44 1844 208598 for more information.

Posted by: limsfinder on Dec 15,06| Profile| LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems


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