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Getting ready for a LIMS

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Getting ready for a LIMS


Many of these suggestions are obvious: We have installed enough systems in different labs to see that it is important to review these requirements to help make the installation go as smoothly and rapidly as possible.  These suggestions are applicable to any LIMS installation.


Feel free to take these suggestions and modify them for your own use (please send us any changes so we can make this available for everyone).




Bob Freeman

BtB Software




Insure that the following staff are available one week before and after the install and available during the install process (Day 1 to 5).  Always have a backup staff assigned, if the primary people are not available.



System Administrator  (sa)

Day 1:  On Site

Day 1+ on call


Database Administrator (dba)

Day 1-3:  On Site

Day 4+:  On call


Contact person when sa and dba not available

On Call, should be on site day 1

The contact person should know all required passwords



One person assigned to work with both IT and LIMS Vendor

Contact person when main lab contact is not available


Vendor Connection

If the vendor needs to connect their hardware to the network while on site (laptop computer) or remotely, make sure IT polices are approved and any necessary paperwork has been correctly implemented (HIPAA business agreement, VPN access, laptop certification).



§         Make sure Server is identified and can implement the database software.

§         Make sure enough client licenses for the server software are installed.

§         Make sure that individual machines are up to the minimal specifications for the system.

§         Insure that each local machine can connect to the server and is recognized by the server.

§         Make a shared folder on the server that all local machines can see to rapidly pass hot fixes.If internet access is required, make sure all staff members have access and that they have rights needed to upload/download files from vendor sites or database sites, if needed.

§         If connections are required to laboratory analyzers, insure that there is a LAN drop (RJ45) available for each machine, or if a shared connection is used, that cabling is available and can be connected.



The lab needs a clear idea of their current and expected work flow, including, but not limited to flow charts of specimen processing, copies of typical intake forms and procedures for stat reporting and error handling.



§         Review all worksheets and make changes.  Send to vendor for review prior to installation.

§         Make sure there is a clear idea of how worksheets are to be accessed in the system and who is responsible for maintaining the structure.



§         Make sure all computers have access to the required printer(s) (usually one or two shared printers on the local network)

§         If label printers (bar code) are to be used, make sure that the machines they are connected to can communicate with those printers (Install any necessary drivers).

§         Provide label specifications and samples to the vendor.



§         Review standard reports that the lab uses.  Send copies to the vendor prior to the install.

§         Make sure there is a clear path for updating and maintaining the reports.



Staff List

Have a list of all staff members, job title and requested access rights.


Clinic List

Have a list of all clinics/submittors with name, address, licenses (if doing electronic billing-ANSI837).


Canned Reports

Have a list all standard canned reports used at the lab.


Standard Error Phrases

Have a list of all standard error phrases used in reports.


Data Conversion (if required)

Define the historical data to be converted. Provide the vendor with the data format and sample files for conversion prior to installation. 


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