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LabLite LIMS Product Demo

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LabLite SQL LIMS is a full featured application designed to support small to large scale labs or testing operations. Product features include security, scheduling, sample login, results tracking and flagging, QC charting, graphing, reporting and billing. This LIMS is an excellent choice for labs that anticipate growth.

LabLite LIMS Flash Demo

Download this 45.8MB file to learn about LabLite LIMS. When the download is complete, run Lablite2x.EXE to install it.   (You can also go to LabLite's demo webpage to download: )  

LabLite demos are completely self-contained and available for PC users running Windows 95 or newer. These demonstrations require Adobe Flash player (included in the install) or you can go to Adobe and download the player. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

To schedule a web-based demonstration of any LabLite LIMS product(s) please call toll free 888-954-5483 or email us at  

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