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LIMSfinder On-line LIMS Demonstration and Presentation Blog

LIMSfinder On-line LIMS Demonstration and Presentation Blog is pleased to announce the addition of a new blog for on-line LIMS & Laboratory Informatics software product demonstrations and presentations.  Software companies and consultants are encouraged to post links to their on-line product demonstrations and presentations in this new blog area.

The only restriction to this service is that the demonstration or presentation must be viewable on-line by the reader via the link you post, without the need for the reader to schedule a demonstration.  The purpose of this blog is to allow readers to see demonstrations of products or presentations without having to sign-up and go through a sales person.  We at believe in public accessible information without restrictions and obstacles.

We also provide a Webcast Blog to vendors who wish to control access to their presentations on a more restricted basis.  Vendors that desire to provide on-line demonstrations via a prescheduled and registered event, should submit those as Webcasts

Posting is easy and free to everyone.  Try posting any demonstration or presentations you currently have on-line.  Take your sales material to an entirely new level by posting on-line product demonstrations.  Video demonstrations of your product is like having a 24x7 sales person.  It also provides the customer with the most detailed look at your product.  You can gain a real advantage over the competition that relies upon flat, non-engaging articles and brochureware.

LIMSfinder will also be submitting recently posted demonstrations and presentations on the LIMSfinder weekly newsletter so that our readers are kept up-to-date on new product demonstrations.

Should you need help in posting your demonstration or presentation please contact  We can also help you produce your on-line presentation or demonstration via a number of professional service organization we have worked with in the past.

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