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Laboratory Informatics Institute Established

Laboratory Informatics Institute Established

Atlanta, GA - July 17, 2006 – The Laboratory Informatics Institute was established on June 19, 2006.  This new organization has been created as a laboratory industry trade association for the education, standardization and promotion of the functional and professional areas of Laboratory Informatics. 

Our goal at the Institute is to offer an open Membership program to all individuals and organizations, which service or are employed within the laboratory industry.  Our mission is to help all laboratories become more efficient and automated through the adoption of Laboratory Informatics applications and systems.  By establishing an open, trade association, the members of the Institute will help shape and direct the future Laboratory Informatics standards.  Our members will help educate and inform other members and the Institute will provide tools and resources to help all laboratories adopt a level of Laboratory Informatics that is right for them.

It is our job to grow our member  base by providing real value to all of our industry stakeholders through education, tools, and information resources that can only be found through a cooperative like the Laboratory Informatics Institute

The functions of the Laboratory Informatics Institute are: 

·        Open Membership

·        Laboratory Informatics Training & Certification

·        Publishing (Journals, Books, Web, etc.)

·        Conferences & iCasts

·        Informatics Solution Provider Network (iSPN) – subscription based Laboratory Informatics Software Tools & Resources provided by members

·        Laboratory Informatics Standards Research and Development

·        Industry Specific Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

·        Informatics Career Development

·        Advocacy

·        Academic Grants & Scholarships

Laboratories have existed for a long time while the area of Laboratory Informatics is in its relative infancy.  By establishing the Laboratory Informatics Institute and making it open to all laboratories, laboratory professionals and suppliers; the entire laboratory industry and those that it serves, will benefit in the same way that other industries benefit from trade associations that have been established for over 100 years.   

It is our job, to grow our member base by providing real value to all of our industry stakeholders through education, tools and information resources that can only be found through a cooperative like the Laboratory Informatics Institute.

The Laboratory Informatics Institute was established by John H. Jones who is the acting managing director and president of the Institute and is also president of LABLynx, Inc., an Atlanta based laboratory informatics software company. 

We have long recognized the need for an industry wide trade association to serve all laboratory informatics stakeholders.  The growth of the Laboratory Informatics Institute will be accomplished through “Open Membership” and as an industry trade association, and through all of our members, we will deliver innovations, lower costs, improved quality and ever increasing customer satisfaction, along with improved market efficiency.  These are benefits that all members will enjoy.

According to Mr. Jones, “It is my objective to launch the Laboratory Informatics Institute and to actively solicit the involvement of ALL industry stakeholders and to provide the forum and institutional controls needed so that the Institute is directed by the membership collective.  The Institute must now and always be, open to all Laboratory Industry stakeholders and membership driven in its direction.

Over the coming months, the Institute will be establishing its web presence and acquiring resources to initiate plans and programs for the benefit of the entire Laboratory Industry.  We openly invite all laboratory suppliers and consumers to contact us and to help us with this development process.

Should you wish to learn more about the Institute or learn how you or your company can become an active member in these formative stages, please contact:  John H. Jones at 770-312-9600


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