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LIMS Project Failure - an excellent report on the cause

LIMS Project Failure - an excellent report on the cause

by Ephraim Gadsby

I recently wrote a blog on the failure of the LIMS at the FBI and provided a link to the article in the newspaper that reported the failure.  Now the US DoJ, Office of the Inspector General Audit Division, has released, what I would consider, a very excellent and thorough report which provides an analysis of the cause and the recommendations.

There is very little that I can say that is not said better in the report.  Frankly, I am very surprised at how thorough and believable the report is.  I expected the government to blame the vendor but they really provide a very balanced report.  The vendor definitely had some very serious technical, management and security issues as the report reveals but it lays the ultimate project failure squarely on FBI management.

To view the complete report Click Here.

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Posted by: Ephraim Gadsby on Jun 24,06| Profile| Forensics


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