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How much did you pay for that LIMS Award?

How much did you pay for that LIMS Award?

by Ephraim Gadsby

I was looking at the web site of a scientific computing magazine this evening and it caused me to write this blog entry.  In looking at the list of Products of the Year for 2005, over 90% were those that advertised in the magazine. 

Go Figure....

Let's just look at the LIMS category...

First, I noticed that Everyone's a winner who is on the list...of advertisers.

Second, there are 5 LIMS vendors that have won the award.  When you think of an award, you usually think of first, second and third place awards but in this case they don't have 3 ranked winners, they have 5 winners with apparently the same rank.  You don't want to slight your advertisers now do you.

So all of this leads to the question....  "How much do you have to pay to get one of those great awards?"

I wonder if the award is genuine glass or genuine plastic.

I really hope that no one buys a LIMS based upon this stuff.  As a LIMS consumer, the opinion of a magazine that sells ads is worth as much as the paper their magazine is printed on. 

As for the LIMS vendors who get the award, I would have typically said congratulations but you would be better served not to make too much of this type of award.  It is more of a liability than an asset.  The best award you can receive, is the one from your client; not the coloured paper or plastic one you get for being a good advertiser.

Now if you don't like what I have said or want to publish your own opinion, just login and post your thoughts on to this LIMS Blog.  If you go to Library on you will see a link to Post a LIMS Blog.

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Ephraim Gadsby

Posted by: Ephraim Gadsby on Dec 18,05| Profile| LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems


Interesting commentary here.... Is this any different than a consultant who only recommends LabWare or ABI because those are the systems they know and can support?

Advertising is a necessary evil for all of us. Without it there wouldn't be the open competition that drives products teams to consistently improve and push their babies.

And yes, for the cost of advertising today, I think you should get an award because the "real" value is very hard to quantify. One thing is certain though, without it, no one knows who you are!

Posted by: tsmallmon on Dec 20, 05 | 7:57 am
Posted by: Ephraim Gadsby  on Dec 20,05

Dear tsmallmon,

First I posted your comments as a thread to my post.

Second... With respect to consultants, my personal feeling about them is that those who cannot do... consult. By the way, I am worse than a consultant, I am a writer.

Consultants truly are not unbiased sources for customers. They are supposed to be biased toward what is best for the customer. If that consultant only knows a few LIMS systems and they feel confident that they can provide the right solution to the customer then more power to them. That makes them no different than any other LIMS vendor.

So I basically see them quite different from a magazine. Magazines are not consultants, they are information sources. I just find a magazine that gives awards for being a good advertiser rather funny and don't want any LIMS consumers to be fooled into thinking that the rest of the consumers back the awards of the magazine.

The only true award can come directly from the LIMS consumers not a magazine who's definition of the best LIMS is the one that spends the most advertising dollars with them.


Posted by: Ephraim Gadsby  on Dec 20,05


I tried to get to LIMS blog to post but it was down. Feel free to add this to your blog.

Here?s the data. For products that I have personally managed we have won awards for:

1) A readers? choice award for a product that at the time had sold two copies. I know both of the users personally and neither of them had voted for us and neither were readers. It WAS a nice piece of plastic for our booth though.

2) An Editor?s Choice award for a product that hadn?t even released yet. The information was sent to the editor as a ?What?s New? posting for three months after we had submitted. But we won an Editor?s Choice award and received a nice URL to link to. Shame we couldn?t actually ship the product.

Advertising costs a lot of money. And unfortunately it appears that the majority believes in the validity of the awards that are given. We have lots of pieces of plastic and we do get value out of them if only to have people ask about our products. From there it is very much a matter of showing who we are and what we can do with our applications. People shouldn?t buy a car without test driving a series of cars. Why would software be any different? Talk to other owners, visit the showroom, get in and drive a while. Don?t buy based on awards?.not a good idea!

Meanwhile, we welcome any more plastic that comes our way?just to open up a dialog that may result.

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Posted by: Ephraim Gadsby  on Jan 17,06

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