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LabPro 2000 Ltd - eQual Laboratory Information Management System

As a New Zealand owned and operated company, LabPro 2000 Ltd are aware of the crucial needs of a laboratory to deliver high quality, timely results to your clients and management. The laboratory environment is constantly changing, the demand for quality assurance and up-to-the minute results is increasingly important. Our sole focus at LabPro 2000 is on Laboratory Software and meeting your everyday needs.


eQual is the Web enabled version of LabPro, which is a proven and stable LIMS System that has been successfully used by major companies in the dairy, brewing and water treatment plants and associated industries for the past 10 years.

With the advent of high performance Internet computing we have, over the past 4 years, re-engineered LabPro to incorporate a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that supports a web browser deployment.  This new product is called eQual.


Initially the underlying (PROGRESS) Database was not replaced, thus easing the development, transition and implementation.  However, we are now able to support alternative databases, and are currently offering Microsoft’s SQL Server, My SQL and Oracle.


As part of the eQual development program, we have replaced (and enhanced) all of the LabPro programs.  The Reports and Sample Registration can now also be ‘scheduled’ to run automatically (hourly, weekly, monthly, etc) and can (where appropriate) be selectively output to the screen, a specific printer, sent to (multiple) email addresses, or imported into a spreadsheet.


eQual has been designed to run in a Windows browser environment – initially using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).  eQual uses a desktop PC without the requirement for third party software (other than IE) connected to a web server and a database server (can be separate or common hardware boxes).  At the same time we have created database independence, since we are utilising ‘state of the art’ methodologies (Java, JSP and JDBC).  This means that the RDBMS can be that of the customer’s preference.  e.g. Oracle, Progress, Sybase, SQL Server, My SQL, etc


If you would like any further information on eQual, please contact Brenna Slee at LabPro 2000 Ltd on 04 586 6840 or  Also feel free to log onto  and register to have a look to see how eQual can benefit your company.



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