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Open Access and Discovery Software Now Available for the Xcalibur 1.4 SR1 Mass Spectrometry Data System

Thermo Electron Corporation announced that its Open Access™ and Discovery™ software applications are now available for Thermo's Xcalibur™ 1.4 SR1 mass spectrometry data system. These applications can be used with any Finnigan™ ion trap or quadrupole mass spectrometer, as well as with liquid chromatography systems released for Xcalibur 1.4 SR1. The software enables seamless operation of multiple instruments on one open access system.

Open Access and Discovery are especially beneficial to high-throughput, combinational chemistry and drug discovery scientists by providing the non-expert user access to high performance LC-MS analysis. By automating routine analysis, the analysts' time can be freed up without compromising the quality of output results.

With these software applications, both relatively inexperienced as well as experienced users can easily and routinely achieve high instrument performance, higher throughput sample analyses, and fully automated data processing resulting in fast, reliable high-quality data output. These applications allow the user to input the sample, walk away, and return to accurate results, benefiting the laboratory workflow by reducing time needed for operation of the mass spectrometer or interpreting data.

The open access system enhances laboratory productivity by minimizing the amount of analyst time needed for operation. The software provides multi-level security access, giving system administrators the freedom to modify user privileges from full system access to data review only.

For more information on Open Access and Discovery software, please call +1 800-532-4752, e-mail  or visit .

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