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Immedient Business Solutions from INS Unveils New Clinical Trials Management and Implementation Tool as Part of Microsoft's Digital Pharma Vision

Immedient Business Solutions from INS, a Microsoft Gold Partner and leader in pharmaceutical process solutions, and part of INS, a global systems integrator with expertise in IT infrastructure, software and business solutions, announces the Clinical Trials Solution Suite in conjunction with the launch of the Microsoft Digital Pharma vision. Oriented to minimize the time and effort spent in clinical trial initiation, the Clinical Trial Solution Suite provisions compliant document templates and standardized processes to increase a pharmaceutical company's speed-to-market through higher accuracy, better internal and external collaboration, and increased consistency across trial start-up tasks.

As pharmaceutical companies prepare to initiate clinical trials, they often do not have standardized processes for data gathering and document management. The Clinical Trial Solution Suite uses the familiar and ubiquitous Microsoft Office system to provide document version control and collaboration not only internally, but with external reviewers as well. In addition, the Clinical Trials Solution Suite's standardized processes and templates allow for increased consistency and accuracy, even among multiple studies.

"Immedient's collaborative solution enables pharmaceutical companies to make faster, more informed business decisions that will ultimately lead to cost savings," said Steve Shihadeh, general manager, Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences. "Microsoft is pleased to have the support of companies like Immedient, who are building innovative, industry specific solutions that exemplify the Digital Pharma vision."

"The Clinical Trial Solution Suite's internal and external collaboration features and standardized process and templates utilize an adaptation for the Task Pane in Microsoft's Word," according to Lloyd Turner, Ph.D., a Solutions Architect in the Life Sciences practice at Immedient. "It also accesses the power of familiar Office technologies by leveraging Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and the Information Bridge Framework (IBF). This allows pharmaceutical companies to reduce their clinical trial documentation development time by reusing existing information. It also automates the document assembly process, speeds up the review and approval tasks, and reduces errors."

"In an arena where speed-to-market and accuracy are of utmost importance," he said, "the Clinical Trial Solution Suite increases both."

The Clinical Trial Solution Suite is available for viewing by contacting Doug Mooney of Immedient at 800-760-3491 ext. 712 or .

About Microsoft's Digital Pharma

Microsoft's Digital Pharma provides a practical vision and framework that enables pharmaceutical companies to drive innovation across the enterprise and address strategic value-chain capability requirements. Using proven Microsoft technology, Digital Pharma illustrates how drug manufacturers can achieve speed-to-insight and value-for-cost: two distinct industry imperatives that lead the way for business transformation. More information can be found at

About Immedient Business Solutions from INS

Recently acquired by INS, Immedient Business Solutions from INS delivers results-driven solutions that help our clients increase enterprise efficiencies, capitalize on new and emerging technologies, strengthen customer relationships, facilitate faster and more effective decision-making, and maintain a competitive advantage. As part of INS, a globally recognized professional services consulting firm headquartered in Santa Clara, California, we combine our expertise developing solutions in enterprise project management, analytics and collaboration with the extraordinary infrastructure, security, and software offerings of INS. This end-to-end expertise means we are able to provide a sophisticated and comprehensive set of business and technology solutions to enhance our clients' businesses.

About INS

INS offers a sophisticated and comprehensive set business and technology consulting and software solutions to help organizations optimize their business by reducing operational risk, increasing productivity, and supporting revenue growth. Our IT Infrastructure Consulting Solutions deliver smart, secure business technology infrastructures. Our Immedient Business Solutions streamline and enhance business processes for enterprise project management, collaboration and analytics. And our Diamond IP Software provides flexible and scalable software solutions for today's complex IP networks. We have delivered tens of thousands of successful engagements worldwide over more than a decade of operation. INS is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and has offices in the U.S., Europe, and SE Asia.

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