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Software offers plant maintenance management solution

SMGlobal Inc. ( ) has released FastMaint CMMS version 4.2; a Microsoft Windows based computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) for small to mid-size manufacturing plants & facilities. FastMaint recently became one of the few maintenance software packages to pass Microsoft's certification tests. FastMaint is useful for maintenance of industrial plants & facilities, vehicle fleets and maintenance of other enterprise assets. Maintenance software can help companies reduce plant shutdowns due to equipment failures and help them meet goals of improving operational performance, quality and cost savings.

FastMaint's affordable price, low maintenance needs and ease of use make it possible for small to medium size manufacturers to reap many of the benefits of computerized maintenance management software (CMMS software). These benefits have traditionally been available only to very large companies that could afford the steep costs, complex deployments and high level of consulting support and training required.

FastMaint is designed to be "fast" and easy to install and use so that users can become productive soon. It offers a unified way to easily handle both planned and breakdown maintenance tasks. An integrated inventory system allows one to track inventory use and when to reorder parts. Maintenance managers can plan ahead and budget work for the week, month, quarter, year or any defined period. One can easily create work orders and collect feedback on jobs done. The multi-user Professional edition provides a way for non-maintenance personnel to submit maintenance requests plus users rights to view or change information can be restricted to protect maintenance data. Many third party tools such as report writers; data extraction utilities, etc. can also be integrated with the FastMaint database. FastMaint can work with Microsoft's Access or SQL Server database.

For a limited time prices start at US$495 for the single user version. For more information and a free 30-day trial of FastMaint please visit .

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SMGlobal Inc.

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